Recruitment As A Service

Streamlining Talent Acquisition for Your Business

We find and choose the best people, So your tech team can focus on projects, not recruitment!

HIreflex Recruitment funnel

Step 1 : Quick AI Pick

The AI system rapidly evaluates resumes and applications, identifying top candidates by skills and experience.

Step 2 : Talk Test

This phase tests candidate’s effectiveness in communication skills and clarity in expressing ideas.

Step 3 : Skill Check

Candidates undergo a test to evaluate their technical skills relevant to the job.

Step 4 : Personality Insight

Assesses the candidate’s personality , behavior and problem-solving skills in work scenarios through situational questions.

Step 5 : Real world Case Study

Candidates need to solve a job-relevant case study to demonstrate their skill application in real-world situations.

We are really good in Data Science & Ops Recruitments

Step 1

Pre-Screening Questionnaire

Initial Candidate Insight

Step 2

Skills Assessment Test

Evaluate Technical Expertise

Step 3

Behavioral & Cultural Fit Interview

Understanding the Individual

Step 4

Technical Interview

Deep Dive into Professional Competence

Step 5

Practical Assessment or Case Study

Real-world Problem-Solving

Step 6

Team Interaction Session

Team Dynamics Evaluation

Why HireFlex ?

90% decrease in time to hire

Our AI based automated screening process saves time and its scalable.

Rigorous Candidate Evaluation

We present candidates with a practical task or case study relevant to your business there by effectively identify best suited candidates for the job role.

20% more diversity in new hires

We are committed to quality, fairness, and equality.

Continued Recruitment Partnership

Providing ongoing support and follow-up post-hire to ensure candidate success and satisfaction, fostering long-term employee retention.

Staff Augmentation Service

Our staff augmentation service manages the entire process for you. Global hiring, payroll, employee wellness services. It’s all here, everything you need to run a remote team. 

Recruit quality employees without establishing a local entity.

  • Calculate hiring costs
  • Payroll management.
  • Easily set up local contracts and taxes
  • Provide work devices.
  • Wellness programs for employees.

Take compliance off your plate.

With Hireflex, you're in compliance with local employment laws, country-specific taxes, and audit readiness, so you avoid all legal risks and fines. As you build teams in multiple countries, we simplify legal complexities and assist you with statutory requirements.

  • Zero risk
  • Stay compliant with GDPR guidelines
  • Free Legal & Audit team available
  • We manage Payrolls

Employee benefits employees will love

Customized benefits packages for your global team. Ensure your teams are healthy and motivated worldwide by providing relevant benefits.

  • Healthcare packages
  • Local meets and team building activities.
  • Customized Welcome Kits
  • Paid Time Off
  • Reimbursements

9 out of 10 CXO's says yes to HireFlex

End-to-end payments and financial management in a single solution. Meet the right platform to help realize.

Low Cost

HireFlex allows you to let go of expenses that comes with hiring and managing an in-house team .

AI enabled Automation

HireFlex reduces hiring time by 10 times using artificial intelligence. All hiring processes are semi-automated, including screening, selecting, and interviewing.

Highly Agile

Reduce time spend on recruitment. Build amazing remote team on demand with HireFlex.

Zero Management

HireFlex takes care of hiring, legals, healthcare, payroll, office space end to end. We will take care of it.

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